BCS Syllabus

Are you searching for BCS Syllabus? You are in right place. In this article, we are going to discuss the syllabus of BCS preliminary and written.

BCS is the most competitive exam in Bangladesh. About half of a million students participate in BCS preliminary part. But most of them fail due to the lack of preparation.

So, you have two options before the examination. One is to be prepared and another is to just appear in the exam hall.

Before, starting preparation, the very important thing is to know about the syllabus of this exam. There are three parts to the BCS examination. These are preliminary, written and viva voce. One who passes in these three parts, Bangladesh Civil Service declare him/her as a BCS Cadre.

What is BCS Syllabus?

The preliminary and written parts have a different syllabus. So, you have to be careful while styding. You should not study that are not included in the syllabus.

BCS Preliminary Syllabus

The first part of the BCS examination is Preliminary and this is the most important exam. Because, without passing preliminary, you can’t go to the next part. In preliminary, total marks are 200 and exam time is two hours.

The 200 marks are distributed among ten subjects. These are given below:

SL NoSubjectNumber
01Bangla Language & Literature35
02English Language & Literature 35
03General Knowledge of Bangladesh Affairs30
04General Knowledge of International Affairs 20
05Geography, Environment & Disaster Management10
06General Science15
07Computer & ICT15
08Mathematical logic15
09Mental Ability15
10Morality, Values & Good Governance10

Each of the ten subjects has detailed parts. You can Visit Here to read the full syllabus.

BCS Written Syllabus

After passing the preliminary part, you have to start making preparation for the written part. In written examination, 8 subjects are compulsory for all and other part is subject related. The full syllabus is given here, you can check it now.

BCS Viva Voce Syllabus

Bangladesh Civil Service hasn’t published any syllabus for Vive Voce. The total number of BCS Viva Voce is 200 and the pass marks are 50%. Candidates must have joined the viva voce.

Hopefully, BCS Syllabus helps you to take preparation. Thank you for being with us.

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